January 7th – Where did the day go?!

My day was spent in front of the computer editing and creating a property website. I can tell I haven’t done this in a month or so… I was pretty slow… and a bit anal about the whole editing thing!

This was my view for most of the day…. there nothing better than Photoshop,  iTunes and loud bassy speakers!!

So within this image you can see, a few receipts that need filing, the ice scraper IF we ever get any, my price list cause I had 5 calls today!!! There are also a few memory cards, rechargeable batteries and general paperwork junk.


~ by coastalpics on January 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “January 7th – Where did the day go?!”

  1. Damn, I was going to do this shot..

  2. The ice scraper is a hand office tool 🙂

  3. You know Dan, it is! It’s great when you need to clear off the desk… just scrape everything off to the side! Very handy indeed!
    Go ahead and do a desk shot… it can’t be nearly as messy as mine!

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