January 24th – The Wheat in the Barley

This is the name of the “Canadian Funk-Fusion Phenoms” my daughters fiddle group “Bad to the Bow” opened for last night. They are an incredibly talented group of musicians, a great, great concert. I used my Nikon 18 – 200 and my new Sigma 50mm macro. Fun, fun, fun!

You can even see the guys finger print in this first photo. I love this lens!


This is my daughter Shawna. I love it when she tilts her head to listen to the sound of her fiddle.

Here are both The Wheat in the Barley and The Coast String Fiddlers – Bad to the Bow


~ by coastalpics on January 24, 2010.

12 Responses to “January 24th – The Wheat in the Barley”

  1. Excellent/ Love the top photo the best.

  2. I like that one too…. but I’m really partial to the third one down 🙂

  3. These are great! They make me totally nostalgic for my old music days. *sigh*

  4. What did you play? And why are they your “old” music days…. why don’t you play anymore?

    • It’s actually pretty depressing. I studied piano from the age of four and loved playing! Along the way I picked up clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, french horn and a few other instruments that I can’t claim to play competently. As I was preparing for music school auditions, though, I overdid it and developed deQuervain’s tendinitis in both wrists. I got by with cortisone injections for awhile but then the doctors started refusing to give me shots which, effectively, ended my music career. I’ve had pianos here and there as an adult but it’s too frustrating to play now.

  5. You just made me cry. I’m so sorry. Music is such a big part of our household.. I can’t image not being able to play. Not that I myself play… believe me – I don’t. But I can imagine the frustration and sadness that must go with it. 😥

    • Oops, these comments are all messed up ….. read the second one first snd the first one second. Oh, I should just stop now…

      • haha – wordpress is weird sometimes

        Surgery was and wasn’t an option. It was, technically, an option but by this time I was on my own with no health insurance and no way to pay for something like that. Plus, it seemed really important to me at the time to not do anything that could risk the total loss of my ability to play. Funny how you never have any perspective at the time. Or when you’re 17.

  6. True. At 17 you don’t tend to look too far into the future. Thanks for sharing.

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