February 4th – The Olympic Torch run

So the Olympic torch was coming through my neck of the woods today. Shawna’s fiddle group – Bad to the Bow was playing at an official ceremony to watch the passing of the torch. The runners were supposed to come down to where we – and the rest of the crowd – were, but I gather plans had changed and they weren’t coming down to us, we were all to go up to the road and watch! Except… no one told the crowd. I over heard a few people talking and headed up… and once everyone else found out about it … it was like a mob scene. I didn’t realize how many rude people live in my town. Pushing and shoving to get a curb side view…. whether you were there first or not! Rude, rude, rude!

I got a shot just after the second torch was lit and they were off running again.


~ by coastalpics on February 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “February 4th – The Olympic Torch run”

  1. Wow, great capture!

  2. That is so cool. How lucky you were to have been able to grab that shot. I love it.

  3. Canadians can’t be rude. It’s not in their nature. Must have been a group of thugs from Seattle 🙂

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