February 23rd – 2010 Olympics

So I took the kids into Vancouver yesterday. I must say… I was disappointed. I guess I was expecting something different.. something more. It’s a huge city and many of the exhibits were quite spread apart. I understand the public transit was quite efficient at shuttling people around, but we didn’t take advantage of it. The most unfortunate part is the amount of time you have to spend in lineups to get into the pavillions. No one in my posse wanted to stand around for 2 hrs. The worst lineup was for the zipline. It’s about a 30 second ride from one side of Robson street to the other. The lineup at 10:30 yesterday morning was….. hold on….. 8 hours. People started lining up at 2am!

I had fun taking pictures of the city though. So many refections! I love reflections! But I think the highlight had to be going into the 1800’s church at the corner of Georgia and Burrard. Wow. Breathtaking.

This shot was taken while we were waiting for the bus to go home.

This is the Olympic flame.

The “Cauldron”

This is the ugliest display we saw today. Not quite sure what the meaning of the Pepto Bismol skates is?

This is the ugliest jacket I’ve ever seen. It’s made by Ralph Lauren…. and in this case, you are definately paying for the name. $395

I really liked these headless manequins.

Throughout the city there are these eagles painted by various BC artists. Not all of them had maple leaf wings though. It was pretty cool.

This church was by far the highlight of the day.

While we were standing looking at the church, suddenly the organ started to play. I listened for a minute and looked for it, but I didn’t see an organ anywhere. Then one of the kids turned around, looked up and said, Mom….. I turned around and was in awe. It was magnificent. The sound ringing through the church was amazing, yet eery at the same time. It was very powerful and moving.


~ by coastalpics on February 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “February 23rd – 2010 Olympics”

  1. Beautiful shots. The Church ones are really nice. I wish I had been there. I love pipe organs.You have not heard music until you have heard it played on a large pipe organ. When played well, its the sound of a chorus of angels singing perfect harmony.

  2. Great shots, I like the church too. That jacket was WAY ugly. Love the torch.

  3. How cool to be right there. These are some great shots. The torch gets a gold.

  4. The church shot has won me over too, LOVE the reflections in the cityscape shot…very cool!
    Awww I like all of them!

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