February 26th – Me, the paparazzo

Back in September I had a chance to try my hand at another genre of photography; paparazzo. The handsome young Zac Effron was in our small town for a few weeks filming his next movie “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud”. I went down to check it out one day and came home with a few good shots. The one opportunity I had to get close to him, and he put his hand over his face! Figures!

Yes, he was winking at me ;o

~ by coastalpics on February 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “February 26th – Me, the paparazzo”

  1. Hey cool! If it wasn’t for having teenage daughters I wouldn’t know who he is (funny thing is both DON’T like him…or so they say… 😉 )
    These are nice, relaxed flattering pics!

  2. That’s fun, I’m glad no one broke your camera!

    • They would have felt much pain if they messed with my gear!! There was one bitchy crew lady who kept telling a guy about 10 pple away from me NOT to take pictures. Everytime she’d turn around, I’d put my camera behind my back. LOL.

  3. That’s funny Richie, my teenage daughters say the same thing – they don’t like him. Yet they know all the songs from High School Musical! Actually, come to think of it they didn’t go to any of the autograph signings or anything. As I work in the only photo lab in Gibsons, I saw all the fan photos, and he was really very generous when it came to pictures and autographs. Just not with me… I guess I was just a little out of his league lol.

  4. My 8 year old daughter is, and has been, in love with Zac Efron since I can remember. I cannot wait to show her this blog entry…she is going to be thrilled beyond belief. He’s actually quite a good actor, too, once you get him away from the bubblegum of the High School Musical films. He was really good in Seventeen Again. He is good looking – there’s just no denying it.

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