March 6th – Pink Magnolia

WOW, I can’t wait to drive by this house in about a week if we continue to have sunny weather! This Magnolia tree is magnificent! Our weather has been so mild and quite sunny that all the spring blooming trees and flowers are blooming well before they should.

This caught my eye as I was on my way to the next shoot. I wanted to keep going because I was pressed for time… but sometimes you just have to force yourself to slow down and stop an smell the flowers…so to speak. Although I couldn’t be bothered to change my lens, this is with the 10 – 20.


~ by coastalpics on March 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “March 6th – Pink Magnolia”

  1. This is sweet, and brings back some sweet memories too, my mum’s sister & her then hubby lived on a street named Magnolia Drive…
    Too cool

  2. I’ve never seen a pink one. I love it.

  3. Thanks guys! Sring is definately here! As my daughter Krista said yesterday, “I can hear spring chirping outside!”

  4. I love those flowers! Scott says they’re called tulip trees and that magnolias only grow in the deep south but I’ve always been told they’re magnolias. In fact, there’s any entire neighborhood in Seattle called Magnolia, named after these trees.

    Sometimes there’s just no reasoning with him…

    (don’t tell me I’m wrong now, please)

  5. Hmmm, I thought I had a Magnolia tree. I’m pretty sure I have a Magnolia tree. I’m not in the deep south.

  6. So what does this mean?

    You’re both right? Except Magnolias do grow other places than the deep south,

  7. Yup, my Aunt’s house was surrounded by ’em here in New Zealand 😀 They grown in the South (Island) as well as the North (Island)

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