March 15th – Quaint little home on acreage

Not exactly my idea of quaint… nor my idea of a home. This place is on the way to my Mom’s and it makes me laugh every time. I wonder what it’s like inside? I’d hate to have a few too many and walk around that place!

I bet the owners are waiting for some development company to come in and offer them millions!


~ by coastalpics on March 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “March 15th – Quaint little home on acreage”

  1. Hmmm, as I know nothing about real-estate terminology I can see that calling this ‘quaint’ seems to be akin to saying that playing wrong notes on a musical instrument as being ‘interesting note choice’
    Love the guest house…

  2. I especially like the guest “room” trailer shell on the “lawn”.

  3. Does it come with the Camper?

  4. And by the way, my verts are dead on!

  5. This is great! Did you ever watch Blue Collar TV. They would end the show with shots submitted my the fans entitled “Red Neck Yard of the week.” This would have made it for sure!

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