September 10th – I feel good!

For the past year, when I’m out shooting houses, I’ve made a point of taking a few pictures of the homeowners pets. I always make sure my realtors email them off to their clients right away and wait with anticipation for some feedback. To my disappointment, I never really seem to get much. But I feel good doing it none-the-less.

Today all that came full circle. I received an email from a senior couple who’s home I shot last May. They had this cute Pekenese named Maggie. She was waiting faithfully by the front window for her “Mom” to come home. She was up against these off white sheers, with lovely light coming in so I got a few great pictures. Anyway, the email today said that prior to them moving a month ago Maggie passed away. She was so upset that she couldn’t find the images that were sent to her. Could I re-send them so she could pick which one to order from me.

Order from me?! Hey lady, I don’t plan on charging you, it was my pleasure. And I’m so glad I took the pictures in the first place.

RIP Maggie


~ by coastalpics on September 10, 2010.

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