October 24th – Tender Moments

My Step-Father Jack is 94 years old. He has led a very happy, full life. He’s had two very happy marriages, three children of his own, four step children, a variety of sons and daughters-in-law , 14 Grandchildren and two Great Grandchildren. He has led a healthy lifestyle and at 94 it shows, but he’s tired. Dementia has invaded his mind, but he is still the same gentle man he always has been.  Jack is now in palliative care. As I was visiting him with my Mom and sister the other day I captured these tender moments between he and my Mom. Her love and devotion is unwavering.

Mom is reading Jack one of his favourite poems


Thank you, Father, for filling the world

with beauty.

I thank you for the beauty of life,

the beauty of love,

the beauty of children, and

the beauty of old people.

I thank you for the

beauty of Christ and for the beauty of

any life when Christ is invited through

the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Father,

that you have made my life beautiful too.



~ by coastalpics on October 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “October 24th – Tender Moments”

  1. Absolutely beautiful…thank you for sharing with us.

  2. beautiful images, agree, thank you for sharing with us this intimate moment.

  3. Wow…this brought me back some. Very beautiful photos….these are keepers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The first shot is really quite powerful…beautiful capture. May you all find peace and comfort…

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