January 28th – Behind again!

Oh well. It really doesn’t matter that much. I’ll just post when the image strikes me!

Had to take an emergency trip to the city last night and because I was in a rush to get out the door and make the ferry, I didn’t bring my camera. Now, there have been times when I’ve gone to Vancouver and intentionally left it at home, and it never fails… I always end up saying, “I knew I should have brought my camera!!!”

Last night was one of those times. As we were heading out of the ferry terminal I could see the sky was pink, but as we drove along it turned fushia… it was the most amazing sky I’d seen in a long time. And boy, did I ever say, “I knew I should have brought my camera!!!!!” I did however have my iphone, so that’s all I got. Better than nothing.

What I also find so amazing is that my friend Dan in Seattle had the same sunset….except he had a real camera!  Check out his blog pics by clicking on his link in the side bar to the right.


~ by coastalpics on January 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “January 28th – Behind again!”

  1. Looks pretty good for a phone camera. Did you use your phone tripod?

  2. There’s a phone tripod?! I need one. I also need a VR lens for my iphone!

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